My name is Alan McDaniel, and I’ve been in the insurance/financial services industry for over 20 years. As a trusted insurance agent in Castle Rock, Colorado, my job is to find you the best possible insurance policy for your wants, needs, budget, and lifestyle — which is my favorite part of the job!

And my mission? Simple: to guarantee you a steadier financial future. Why? Because I CARE about your coverage!

Guarantee? You’re probably wondering how any one person can “guarantee” anything about your financial future. But hear me out:

Over the years, I’ve noticed a few things while working in the insurance/financial services industry: it’s sneaky. Poor coverage often comes disguised as “discounts” and “great low premiums”. And unfortunately, too many Coloradans are easily enticed by these hollow promises, and they end up sacrificing coverage for cheaper insurance premiums.

But when you shop insurance plans at the Alan McDaniel Agency, we’ll help you find the amount of coverage that you need. Will we sell you the cheapest insurance plans in town? No. But we will help you feel more confident and safe about your financial future by finding you an insurance plan with the perfect amount of coverage.  

So let’s get started.